In 1999, Mark and Theresa Miner established Miner’s Towing with a fleet of just one tow truck. They knew that with a customer-first approach and a commitment to excellence, they could never fail. In 2001, the company added its first employee (a driver) as well as a second truck. Later that year, Miner’s Towing added an additional employee to assist in dispatching. Our dispatcher, Lisa, is still with the company to this day.

We began hauling equipment in 2004. In 2006, we added a heavy-duty truck to our fleet to expand our capabilities into heavy-duty towing. Through the years, we’ve added additional heavy-duty trucks to our fleet as the growth of this area of our business continued to expand. In 2014, we added a 50-ton rotator to enhance our efficiency in recovery work, at the same time expanding the type of work we could perform.

Miner’s Towing added an airbag trailer in the beginning of 2017 to further enhance our recovery abilities. We expanded our equipment hauling service with the addition of a detachable lowboy trailer in 2018. Our current fleet consists of 28 trucks and various pieces of support equipment including trailers, forklifts and more. Simply put, you can count on Miner’s Towing for premier service from some of the region’s most talented individuals. Call today for the assistance you deserve!



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